Friday, November 25, 2011

He's a "walking-into-a-door", kind of Real

I have been feeling the need to write a new post all day, but I really didn't know what I needed to write about. I spent my morning relaxing, not doing my homework, and generally enjoying Thanksgiving break and I started thinking about things. Things like life, my internship, and the future as a whole. I put these "unpleasent" thoughts out of my mind long enough to watch another movie, get cleaned up and start running some errands. I left my cold apartment and had about a 30 minute commute. This was exciting, I LOVE driving. I like to just get in the car and drive, looking at the scenery, and thinking about anything that floats through my mind. I find it's some of the best time to turn on Christian music and have some really sweet time with the Lord. I do a lot of praying during this time too. During this particular drive, my thoughts began to wander back to "The Future." I started praying and again, felt the need to write another blog post. But my last post was about this exact topic.

This brought me home and I got on my blog and discovered a nifty little button that when clicked brings up a random blog!....and hour and a half later I had read through about a million "Mommy Blogs," an Irish Handball Discussion blog, ridiculous amounts about crafts, and twice as many blogs in some sort of Spanish language that I ever wanted to. I began to wonder if I was the only twenty-something, single, english speaking college student stumbling through life and writing about it. In an effort to turn this into a blog post, I started to write about random nonsence that ended up being about giving whoever invented Thanksgiving break a trophy. Instead of putting whoever reads this through that, I went back to that little button and...completely had my mind blown.

Suddenly, the only thing I was getting was blogs written by twenty-something Christian, english speaking, college students stumbling through life! (I KNOW right?!?) Then I realized something else fantastic, GOD PROVIDES!!

Ok, I already knew that, but today I might as well have walked into a wooden door He made it so real. When I was in the car I kept flip flopping between telling Him that I will have faith and patience and wait, (good joke, right?), and asking God to just friggin' tell me where my internship is going to be. I wanted him so bad to show me something that would answer my questions. Then as I was looking through the monotonous "CraftyMommy" blogs, I just wanted to read a blog by someone who saw life through the same eyes I did. And just like that, He showed me. He gave me tons of things to read by other people my age dealing with the same things I am. It was such a good feeling when I finally realized it. 

I know I will get answers about my future, because God provides. He provides answers, comfort, fellowship, laughter, and internships. He's using this blog in so many ways to get me to Trust Him and to have faith. I don't know how many people actually know this blog even exists, but to me it's becoming something much more beautiful than words on a screen.