Monday, February 4, 2013

Things I've learned While Being a Nanny.

I have recently started working as a nanny in a town outside Nashville. I am starting this post to share some of the things I learn while caring for the sweetest little four year old boy and an almost two year old little girl who has Down Syndrome who already has me wrapped around her finger...

1A. To mine and all the other mom's out there: What you do on a 24/7 365 day basis is extraordinary. I get to go to my quiet, kid-free home at 5:30. Thanks for everything.
1B. I won't be having kids anytime soon. I love them to pieces, but I also love sending them home.
2.The preschool pick up lane is serious business. Beginners not advised. 
3. You never get used to a 4 year old who reads at a second grade level. Especially when he asks to play  Angry Birds on your phone and instead decides to go through your email.
4. Trying to explain that Iowa is just another state in the United States and not a planet in outer space is darn near impossible, especially when the 4 year old asking the questions reeeaalllyy wants his new nanny to be an alien. It's also even more impossible not to go along with it. Whenever he asked a question about Iowa started the sentence with, "Back on your home planet..."
5. Nap time is gold.
6. Laundry isn't so bad when the clothes are smaller than your face. (And the parents buy the kids clothes with impeccable style.)
7. 4 year old logic is the best logic. Example: "I am so brave because I can hang on the first monkey bar. I only hang on this one because it is the monkey bar that protects me when I am sleeping at night. But, I can't hang on the others because we haven't been introduced yet."
8. Focapontas is waaaay better than Pocahontas. And, Pocahontas is a little bit hard to say.
9. January 31st is bubble wrap appreciation day. (It was on a calendar he brought home from preschool)
10. Singing "Itsy bitsy spider" 37 million times is kind of worth it when a little girl squeals and laughs while signing "out came the sun..."
11. They're always hungry....unless it's lunch time.
12. Routine is used in a hazy context.
13. Brushing our teeth is a new and terrifying concept every single morning.
14. There needs to be a Rosetta Stone for reasons kids are crying.