Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Do you see this smile on my face right here?!"

"Does my grandpa's head look skinny?"

This was one of the first things our 13-year-old camper from this past respite weekend asked me upon his arrival at Camp Courageous. This was his first time attending and it's safe to say we can't wait for him to return. This kid kept us laughing from the time he arrived to the minute he left. Upon request, here is a list of hysterical quotes that should probably end up on the back of a t-shirt:

(In the gym, upon arrival)
Camper:"Does my grandpa's head look skinny?" 
Me: "ummm, well I'm not sure. I guess I didn't get a good enough look..."
Camper: "Well, it's not. Do you think my head looks skinny?"

(At lunch)
Camper: "I don't like applesauce anymore."
Me: "Why not?"
Camper: "It tastes like someone's moles"

Smelling Counselor 1's hair: Ewww! It smells like fireworks!
Smelling my hair: "It smells like storms....and cheese"
Smelling the volunteer's hair: "Mmmmm, peanut butter"
Counselor 1: "What does your hair smell like?"
Camper: "Um, some kind of breath"

I was singing along to a Backstreet Boys song that was playing in the Lodge when Camper says..."I'd rather you didn't sing...."

(While walking around Camp after leaving the nursing building)
Camper: "I liked that nurse's hair. It reminds me of that marshmallow I roasted"

Camper ran up to a tree off the trail that had already fallen down, karate chopped it and said..
"Man, my muscles are HUGE"

(Down in the snoezelroom)
Camper: "What classes did you sign up for?"
Counselor: "Nutrition...Psycholo-..."
Camper: "Do you want to fight?"
Counselor: "What? No!"
Camper: "I shouldn't box grandmas. You still have a moustache..."

Camper: "I want to sit next to you!" (talking to a counselor sitting in a rocking chair with another little camper)
Counselor: "Wait, no!...You don't fit!"
Camper (getting ready to jump in): "Do it anyway?!?!?!?"

(Getting ready for bed)
"My grandma's kinda fat. (realized what he just said and look's in the mirror) OOH! We don't talk like that!!!!"

Camper: Have you been to Y Camp?"
Me: "No, I..." *camper interrupts and grabs my arm and exclaimes very dramatically..
Camper: "Oooh! I miss Y camp!"

"Do you like my moustache? It's coming in rather nicely"

Do you see this smile right here on my face?
*points to his mouth and smiles really big :D

Camper: "Is his name a real name?" (talking about another camper with an unique name)
Me: "Yeah, it's real. We think it might be Norweigen. Your name is kind of unique too..."
Camper: "Yeah, but mine is real."

"I shouldn't be mean to my grandma"
Counselor: "No, you shouldn't, she loves you a lot"
Camper: "But 'Mr. Clere!' She has bad breath!!"

"I like her better than you because she has a moustache"


I can't believe I get to hang out with people as hysterical as this and get paid for it. Thank you, Camp Courageous.