Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's pray for each other, y'all.

Hello friends, I hope this Friday night is treating you well! I have some prayer requests for you if you would be so kind as to help me take these things to God.

The first is for my mom, Lynn. My mom is my rock. She is my heart and soul. She is that little voice on my head saying, "Jooorrrdaaannn, what are you doing?" when I could probably be making better decisions. On October 19th this woman who has devoted her life to being God's servant and serving every single person she meets, was diagnosed with breast cancer. While the seeing the "C" word and my mom used in the same sentence still gives me the willies, the doctors have assured us that she has the most ideal situation (for one having to endure this situation at all). The cancer was found during a routine mammogram and was caught so early, it would have been years before the would have even felt a lump or and hint of sickness. It is also a much less aggressive form than others making it less of an emergency. Even still, my mama requires a double mastectomy to make sure we won't be back here in 5years. This is a lot of trauma to her body but also mentally and emotionally. I ask that you pray complete and permanent healing over her body, peace in her mind, and security in her heart.

My mom is one if God's most special creations. She is all that I strive to be, the best teacher I have ever had, and my reminder that no matter what problem I'm facing, what situation I'm in, there is always some good. During the worst season of our lives, her smile, while sometimes accompanied with tears, was true and sincere. Through her example she taught me how to serve, how to encourage, and how to love. My mama taught me to live leading with my heart, trusting the One who gave it to me to guide it perfectly.

My second request is for my stepdad, Darrin. Darrin had to watch his mom battle cancer more than once and then saw it take her life. To say this diagnosis has been taxing is an understatement. Darrin has shown my family how sweet life can be. When he came into our lives, I was 16. All I saw was another man who would hurt and let me down. When I employed my mother's positive thinking, I selfishly saw at best a two parent income and the possibility of getting a cell phone. It took a long time before my heart softened towards him but it was inevitable. This man is the heart of God. He cares about people more deeply than I could imagine. He loves my sister and I as his own, even when my actions should have turned him away. He shows us everyday how a husband treats his wife and how a father treats his kids. He shows me that the love God has for his kids. Whatta guy. I ask that you pray for reassurance and comfort in his heart, peace in his mind, and strength in his faith in the face of his fears.

The third request is for a new friend I have and her family. They are seeing God move in their lives in a radical way. He is calling their family to grow in both size and in faith, and that's hard. For them I pray for clarity, wisdom, and courage to obey without hesitation.

My last request is for a few of my own issues. Right now, I'm really frustrated with my work situation. I have a heart for God's will but an obedience problem. I can't wait to leave Applebee's and begin my career, but need to wait for God to give me the go ahead. Patience has never been my strong suit. I am feeling led towards using my degree in a rehab setting for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I don't know if that is Spirit led or the new fad of the week for me but I'd love to figure it out. I also and still struggling health wise. I am seeing a doctor here who says I was mis diagnosed with Lymes. This is good, as Lymes is incredibly annoying but he believes that I have had mono for the past 7 months which is a loooooong time for symptoms to be present. There is no treatment for mono, only symptom management. Relief from constant physical pain, extreme fatigue and dizziness would be great. The last request is for my trust in His provision. I am more broke than a bad joke. This is nothing I am unfamiliar with (I like shoes), but a constant test of faith and I struggle with doubt. I have given God control of my finances, now I just want the doubts gone.

I don't know how many people read this, but I havery been told Jesus said where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there. I would be forever grateful if y'all would help me out on these. I would also love for you to post your own prayer requests below in the comment section so I, and everyone who sees them can cover you with blessings. I'm pretty sure this counts as two or more, because I know He is here.